Having a life well-curated signifies having a life full of self-expression!

From an early age, I was passionate about systems, efficiency and workability.  What was then creating special spaces for everything I was up to and figuring out how to manage my 6 older sibiling’s lives as well as where to put everyone’s socks, now has become an insatiable drive to create life systems that serve as a foundation for busy lives.  Well-curated home and work spaces transform the way our day’s flow, drastically impact levels of productivity, and offer balance.

I truly believe in the power of choice and the spaces we choose to live in, clothes we wear and even meals we cook all give us the opportunity for moments of freedom and self-expression.  Living in such an integrated and conscious world, we also get the opportunity to positively impact the artisans, growers, and creators who give us the pallet of options to chose from.

Connecting these worlds has become my greatest goal.  Designing and organizing efficient spaces to offer a place to have these worlds collide is my greatest joy.

May my blog inspire you to create workability in all areas of your life as well as give you the freedom to choose products that align with the greater good of our interconnected world.

If you feel like your intuitive voice is far away or you are having difficulty knowing how to cultivate a physical space that let’s you do you best, you can count on me to shape these intimate spaces of your life.  I can’t wait to meet you and plan and execute your next project!


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